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Welcome to our website!

Dear guests of the largest certification portal UralGOST! We are pleased to welcome you on our website. Here it is gathered the largest database of helpful information in the area of the product certification in the Russian Federation and beyond its borders.

By developing this database of our portal, we tried to take into account every activity where the product certification takes place. That’s why we gathered the most helpful and the newest information that could help to understand all the aspects of the certification procedures.

On the pages of our portal, there is a legal framework for arranging of the conformity assessment; there is a detailed description of the certification procedures for various goods and services; it is also explained what the certification center is and where one can apply if the product certification is needed. On this website, you can find guides of codes of those products which the certification is required for, in accordance with the Russian laws; the check-list of documentation that should be provided for the certification center; definitions and terms that are used in the area of certification; and other kinds of norms and specifications in regard to the technical regulation. We have also gathered and disposed on our portal a check-list of the most popular and reliable certification centers that could help you at all times during the product certification.

What is the product certification?

The product certification is a complicated and diligent process conducted by specialized certification centers according to certain schemes. As a result of the product valuation, its quality is defined, as well as its correspondence to the Russian standards and availability for consumers without concerns to their health, life, property, and environment. One must consider that the product certification could be not only an enforcement measure (i.e. exercised in a mandatory manner), but a certification center could conduct it on a voluntary basis. Nowadays, a voluntary product certification for goods that do not require the mandatory valuation could be called a key instrument     in the competitive activity for attention and demand of the consumers. It is caused by the fact that the buyers pay attention more often to the presence of the documents that guarantee the products’ reliability and safety. That is why they choose goods with code certificates.

How do they conduct the product certification?

To get the product certificate, first of all, it is necessary to choose a proper certification center with an accrediting for arranging of the product certification. To do that, it is required to have a very careful look at suggestions of acting certification companies and to choose the certification center that is best suited just for you. Then the candidate should collect a certain set of documents which includes all the documentation relative to the processes of manufacturing and import of the goods, as well as the constituent documents of the applicant company. It stands to mention that, according to the product category and its range of use, the certification center could require other kinds of documents. For details, you should address the members of the certification company.

Along with the prepared set of documents, you should file an application in the established standard form; and if all the documents are correct and accorded to the fullest extent, the certification center would start with the procedure of   conformity assessment according to the chosen scheme and in the light of specific features of the products that are to be certified.

UralGOST: information and certification services all at once

On the certification portal UralGOST, you can select a sought for certification center in your city that could provide any help in assessment of product quality and registration of appropriate concessions. All the certification centers that are noted on our portal have an accrediting and act within the limits of Russian legislation.

You need a product certification but you don’t know what to begin with, do you? You can search the information of interest on the certification portal UralGOST. If you can’t choose a suitable certification center or just find the sought-for information, you could always address our specialists for individual consultations. On the portal, there are various contact methods: you can order a call or make a call by yourself on the number presented on our website; you can also reach us online or per e-mail. When your request is received, the members of UralGOST would contact you immediately and answer all the questions.

UralGOST is a right-hand assistant in solution of various problems in the area of certification!


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